SBB 13/16″ x 12 Gauge Back to Back Welded

13/16″ MM B2B Plan Channel

Code :SBB 13/16″/12 Gauge PG

Available Finish :
Hot-Dip Galvanized -H
Electroplated Zinc -Z
Pre-Galvanized -PG
Stainless Steel Type 304 -S4
Stainless Steel Type 316 -S6
Powdercoat -PC
Aluminium -AL
Dacromet -D
Duracoat Gold -DCG
Duracoat Silver -DCS


Each channel section has been manufactured to Industrial Fasteners product specifications and undergoes a detailed quality inspection process to ensure consistently high quality, performance, and finish. Like all other IF channel sections, they are intended to be used as a system and each component carries the Industrial Fasteners name for onsite verification of system integrity.


Two 1-5/8″×1-5/8″ profiles welded back-to-back for heavier loads.

can support 1230kg per meter, uniformly distributed.

Slot size 14 x 25mm

Technical Data

Minimum Yield Stress: 280N/mm2

275g/m2 min. coating weight

20μm average coating thickness